Saturday, August 08, 2009

crime of passion?

Some of you may know that I live Behind the Back of Beyond. Some of you may even remember that broadband hasn't reached me yet. But this morning someone has forgotten that and ever since 9am an email has been trying to worm its way through to me. It's wriggled halfway and then the server terminated the connection. Thrice! It's taking about two minutes for each one percent to crawl down the telephone line and I am going mad. If I had any hair I'd pull it out. Alopecia's put paid to that. I'll prove it tomorrow by posting a picture of me and Jane Wenham-Jones in matching wigs. I took two identical ones to Caerleon in case one got wet. You can't dry them with a hair dryer.
If this email fails again my only option is to take the laptop out in the car - I've a dongle on the laptop and it is set for broadband, so I'm told - and try it on that. If I drive uphill about a mile and a bit I can get a slow connection. If I go about five miles I'll get a decent one.
Now, my question is, if this email turns out to be someone sending me a stupid joke, will I be treated sympathetically by the courts if I kill them?


  1. It will be something silly and such a disappointment when you finally get that email! And yes, I think that under the circumstances the courts will be very lenient with you when you are not responsible for your actions! Diminished responsibility, surely?


  2. Hey, I live IN the back of beyond - that means you're just behind me. :o) I'm also at the end of the road to nowhere, in the land that time forgot, but broadband did reach us about 3 years ago ... it's about as fast and reliable as dialup, but at least it got here.

    I found webmail was the solution to these heap big emails. I set it to receive my regular email first so I could access it anywhere in the world, and I can weed out the big stuff before it tries to get here then.

  3. Technology can be such a pain. :-(