Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hair and Whodunnit

To make sense of today's blog you'll need to read yesterday's.
First - matching wigs. Here's me and Jane. I decided to go the wig route when I came off HRT and my hair started falling out. I was in danger of looking like my own grandmother who, according to family legend, could get all her hair in two curlers. Now I never have a bad hair day! Leanne, my daughter, reckons my hair might grow again because of the Mushroom Method - my scalp is permanently in the dark so growth should be encouraged. Even if it grew back luxuriantly and red I'd stick to wigs now.
Next - who blocked my computer with a massive email attachment? Not telling. It wouldn't be nice. I've told him/her off and they've promised never to do it again. At least it wasn't a joke being sent. If it had been I would have named and shamed. I did however have to give up on this computer and take the laptop 8 miles before I found a mobile signal that didn't waver up and down, and it still took 45 minutes to download, by which time another 15 emails were blocked behind it. Complaining over! I'm off to do some real writing.


  1. Congratulations on joining the club. Now we will not feel so guilty about letting you know when ours is updated.

  2. You're nearly wearing identical clothes too.

    My friend's hair started to come back and now it's thick and luxurious and halfway down her back.

  3. It's like one of those thrillers where you think the murderer is one woman, then she turns up at the police station with her twin...

    But how lovely you both look!

  4. Thanks Quillers. All compliments accepted gracefully - something it's taken me this long to learn.