Monday, August 31, 2009

The Missing Bit

OK. Here's what you've been waiting for. A picture to prove that a bit of Colin's eyebrow went missing while he was asleep. He was very good about me painting an arrow pointing to the exact place. Because it took me a few days to find the camera the eyebrow had already started to grow back but I hope you can see that the bottom bit is nowhere near as thick as the top. Proof that weird things happen. They do when I'm around anyway.


  1. You have a sleepwalking eye brow plucker!

    I'm not the eyebrow plucker. I'm the eyebrow plucker's sheep. I'm only plucking eyebrows coz the eyebrow plucker's asleep?!

    Oh dear! I'd set up secret cameras and see who is doing the dastardly deed. He wasn't stress plucking his eyebrows out in his sleep was he?

    Julie xx

  2. "..........They do when I'm around anyway". Therein lies a clue, methinks!

  3. I do hope you didn't put the arrow on using a permanent marker. Has the LSO checked any other parts of is body just to see if the corner of his eyebrow simply emigrated somewhere south of his head? Most people emigrate southwards to warmer climates.