Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Simply The Best

I'm on a Caerleon high. Writers' Holiday at Caerleon, near Newport, South Wales was held last week and it always inspires me. The first half of the week I was teaching 'Writing For Money' and I felt a bit of a fraud because I haven't made much at all this year. My excuse? Let's say a bereavement and leave it at that. Hopefully I inspired my class and I tried to listen to what I was saying so that I could inspire myself too.
Second half of the week I went to Simon Whaley's class on Writing Features and Travel Articles and I came home buzzing with ideas, and I am going to get down to them. I am!
Inbetween I made new best friends of Katie Fforde and Sophie King, caught up with loads of old friends I only see once a year, sat in on a panel which included Simon, Kate Walker (M&B) and Stephen Wade. Oh, and Jane Wenham-Jones, or was that me? We both wore identical wigs and dressed in orange and swapped identities for the afternoon while the audience asked us questions. Teresa Chris, the agent, was there, a.k.a The Fearsome One. Lucy Mangan from The Guardian. Ray Allen of Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em. Too many to mention. Everyone is lovely at Caerleon where we are told to leave our troubles at the gate - and we do.
Thursday evening we were entertained by the Cwm Bach Male Voice Choir who, after their official performance, continued in the bar where Jane WJ danced on the pool table. I keep telling her that she'll fall off and break her hip one of these years and dancing with a zimmer frame as a partner is not a good look.
If I've whet your appetite then take a look at You could come next year and be my new best friends.


  1. It always sounds such a lot of fun, Lynne! Somewhere I've wanted to go for years - one day!

  2. It was a great week Lynne. The atmosphere there is amazing. Thanks for blogging about it.

  3. Sounds brilliant, Lynne. I absolutely ADORE Lucy Mangan!

  4. I have to get to Caerleon one of these days. I've been going ever since it started ... just never made it yet.

  5. Ooooh, jealous. Would have loved to have gone.

  6. Come in 2010 Suzanne. All of you. Laugh and learn while you pile on the pounds by having three cooked meals a day.
    I restricted myself to 21 profiteroles this year. Jane WJ reckons my record is 28.