Friday, August 07, 2009

This is my Lazy Cow. I can't remember where I bought her but I do remember why. The LSO had called me that name after one of our rare arguments. (I was actually being very lazy at the time.) We were on holiday somewhere but I don't recall the location, and the very next day I saw this in a shop and bought it to show him what a lazy cow looks like. Now she sits on my desk and reminds me to get writing and not be a lazy cow.
Today though, I feel like one. I have EBS. Got that name from Susan Haniford who also went to Caerleon this year and reckons she's got it. Empty Battery Syndrome. After a week of late nights, non-stop chatter and input, input, input I returned home, worked like mad and am exhausted. Actually that's not lazy, is it?


  1. Empty Battery Syndrome. Excellent - she should have patented it. :o)

    I've added you to my blogroll, Lynne. Hope that's ok.

  2. So that's what she looks like! She's much prettier than I imagined.
    As for you being lazy - you are one of the most UNlazy people I know!
    Put yer feet up!

  3. Lynne you amaze me with how productive you are.

    I love the blog - you should have done this a long time ago. I am now inspired to blog more frequently.

  4. Welcome Diane. It's been years since we met at Solihull. I was so impressed then because you were writing for Writing Magazine.
    And thanks to Anita and Teresa for their comments but if they could actually see me, playing about with emails, filing my nails, drinking gallons of tea and messing about pretending to write, they'd change their tune (as Mom always used to say).

  5. Perhaps tutors at Caerleon should get the following weekend in a health spa to enable them to re-charge their batteries! Who's going to put the idea to Gerry