Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What day is it? Where am I?

Those are the questions I ask the LSO each morning when I wake. Normally I have trouble remembering what day it is but when we are away in Win I can never remember where we are either. And no wonder. So far we've been to Glastonbury, Chard, Charmouth, Plymouth, Veryan, Bude, Clovelly, Appledore, Tintagel, Boscastle and now for some reason we're at Minehead. We've visited National Trust properties, the Museum of Witchcraft (OK Simon, it was to pick up a few tips and recharge the broomstick!) and I've been researching Wrecking, Smuggling and pirating in readiness for Friday 18th when Bosun Teresa Ashby and yours truly, Cap'n 'Ackles will be blogging as pirates for Talk Like A Pirate Day. Do join us if you feel the urge to do a bit of swashbuckling. Several pieces of eight for the best blog, if I can find any pieces of eight. See you then.
And speaking of Teresa, she's been blogging rather a lot lately, about spiders. Horrible little critters -Oops, sorry, it's not Friday yet. We dropped our resident spider off somewhere in Devon. It had been living behind the wing mirror for several years and had accompanied us on all our travels. Now I bet there aren't that many spiders who can boast of being to Land's End, John O Groats and all places inbetween. Currently our little freeloader is making its way back to West Wales. Let's hope it gets squashed by a juggernaut before it gets as far as the M4. Just in case it doesn't I shall be building a barricade of conkers all around the house.


  1. Aaar I be polishin up me piratese Cap'n Ackles - do be some great and wondrous places ye been on ye travels matey ... see ye on t' quarter deck on Frideee.

  2. Oh, so you're both going to be pirates then? And there was me thinking that one of you would be playing the Keira Knightley role from Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Still if Lynne's topped up on potions from the Museum of Witchcraft, then anything might happen. And before I make any more suggestions, it's probably time I walked the plank ....

  3. You've certainly visited the right places in preparation for the pirate day tomorrow, Lynne! Where next?
    Love Verica and Graham

  4. Arrr, me look forward t' readin' all about it Aye.