Thursday, September 24, 2009

writing through life

Finally, I do be blogging (excuse the Piratese, I can't seem to get out of talking like a pirate), about writing.
When my kids were little I wrote for My Weekly. They had a piece in each week about family life. It was humour and there was plenty of that in a family with a mother who wanted to be a famous writer, a son who wanted to win the Tour de France, a daughter who wanted to be a snooker player/musician/artist/anything-that-made-loads-of-money, and then there was the LSO who put up with all our dreams and went out to work every day to pay the mortgage, the bills and to feed and clothe us. He was the one with feet firmly on the ground while we had heads in the clouds.
A little later, when our son was riding as a semi-professional on the Continent, I wrote my first children's book (only children's book so far). It was, naturally, about cycle racing.
Once the kids had left home my short stories were about kids leaving home, then came stories about unsuitable boyfriends/girlfriends, weddings, and then grandchildren.
My writing subjects keep changing as I, and my life, change. And now I'm full circle and beginning to write for children again. This is because Dan loves reading and I'd love to write for him - my precious grandson who is going to look after me in my dotage because he is going to be a world class golfer and he will be buying me a red Jaguar.
So what's the picture about?
Over thirty years ago my son made me a 'don't-know-what'. It's a matchbox covered in material and stuck over with sequins. I still have it kept safely in my memory box.
The mummy above, because that's what it is, was made by Dan and I love it. Amazingly his mother was fine about parting with it so the mummy now sits on my desk. It is beautiful and something I shall treasure when I am in my dotage and driving around in my red Jag.


  1. Lynne

    A really enjoyable post on a really enjoyable Blog.

    Like you, my motto might easily be 'I should be writing'. Bits and pieces over the years but no books published yet. Still, I'm working on it for as long as it's fun.

  2. And in another ten years time you'll be able to write about Dan's choice of girlfriend .....
    We just have to live our lives with our eyes open, and use enough discretion
    Mind you, sometimes I worry what I'll have to write about once my daughter finds a suitable boyfriend!

  3. I love the mummy!
    And I can see you driving round in that red Jag!