Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Be Inspired

I'm back at my desk after some time away in Malvern where the hills were the backdrop of the campsite we parked Win on. The skies were blue and the trees glowed with autumn reds and golds. Now I start my new-style blog and I'll begin with my favourite quote. It's from Moliere.

Writing is like prostitution,
First you do it for the love of it,
Then you do it for a few friends,
And finally you do it for the money.

So which line have you reached? And it's true, isn't it? Most of us start to write and keep it a secret, then perhaps we join a writing group and start sharing, or we pass our work to a loved one. And then some of us get the confidence or the urge to make a living, or at least some money, from writing. It's a natural progression.
The best thing is that we are then doing something we love. Just because we've reached the last line doesn't mean we've forgotten the second one. Aren't we the luckiest people? Our job, whether it be full or part-time as a writer, is something we love. How many workers can say that?
OK, I know it's hard to remember the love at times - when the going gets tough and rejections arrive, or we think we're blocked. But we get over it and we always go back to that love. A bit like marriage really! And I'll end with another quote. This one's mine from my Handy Little Book for Writers.
When the going gets tough, stop for chocolate - and then carry on.


  1. You just have to look at the size of my bum and hear the squeals of terror from the bathroom scales when they see me coming to know I have been stopping rather too much for chocolate!

  2. Thank goodness for chocolate! Where would we be without it? Anyone for a ferrero roche?!

    I think I owe you an apology too, Lynne.

    Julie xx

  3. I can't think what you mean, Julie. Why do you have to apologise?

  4. Moliere was spot on. Thinking back, I see that I've been prostituting myself for a long time now! But the joy of freelance writing is that you never know what work is going to arrive in the next passing car. Part of the fun is opening that car door and getting in, not knowing where you're going to be taken.

    (I do hope this appears on the right blog!)

  5. Somewhere, I have a copy of your handy little book for writers, and that is one brilliant quote from it, one I must admit, I live by.

  6. Glynis Scrivens24 October, 2009 21:12

    Perhaps for PF it'd be a horse-drawn carriage, Simon?