Monday, October 26, 2009

A friend like Betty

Every writer should have a friend like Betty. She is a writer too and has very funny stories published in Woman's Weekly (Elizabeth Moulder). We used to live close to each other and we will again, once this house is sold and I move 'back home'.
Why do you need a Betty? Because she is someone who understands rejections, acceptances, writing in general, but mostly because she is fun and you can swap stories with her.
If I had something that was a little too personal to write about I'd give Betty the idea and she'd write it up in her own inimitable way. We would swap stories, opening lines, bits of overheard dialogue and details of friends. Anything.
When my Mum was terminally ill and I went to visit her I would stay with Betty. After a day with Mum I'd arrive at Betty's door exhausted and she'd be there to offload to. We'd sit with a pizza and a bottle of wine and watch Judge Judy (Betty reckons JJ should rule the world). And then we'd discuss Mum and Betty would write about her as I didn't feel able. And I'd come back to West Wales with one of Betty's friends waiting to be put into one of my stories. A fair swap.
I'm lucky to have a Betty. I hope you can all find one too.


  1. Yes having a 'Betty' is essential, mine is called Penny and is my writing buddy. There for the bad days and also for the days to celebrate a small writing victory.

  2. You have crossed my thoughts - I was reading Betty's story in WWFS last night "When You're Not Looking" and I enjoyed it so much.
    She sounds - and writes - like a lovely lady.

  3. She is indeed, Teresa - and if you come to Caerleon next year, you can meet her!! You're so right, Lynne. We all need a Betty and should be able to get on on the NHS.

  4. I think Judge Judy should rule the world too. She's ace! Sory 'em out, no messing. Thank you and goodnight!

    I have many writing buddies who help me in so many different ways: Mr Whaley, Di and her wonderful mum Phylis, Nicola, Brenda, in fact the whole Wrekin Writer's writing group! (Don't worry, this isn't turning into some sort of 'Gwinnie' style Oscar speech!) Some of them are non-writers, but still encourage amd support me in their own way: my husband, my Aunt Olive, and my daughter.

    Betty sounds wonderful ad I'm glad you had her for support when your mum was ill.

    Julie xx

  5. Hi Julie,
    I have an exercise book with my name written on it and, in the subject line, Mr Whaley's Class. There are so many interesting and inspirational people at Writers' Holiday.
    I'm pleased for everyone who has a Betty though I know there is only one!