Thursday, October 08, 2009

zest and verve and gusto

Yep! That's me. I'm overflowing with zest and verve this past week. The Muse has returned. I think she may have seen me reading, How To Keep and Feed A Muse. It's a chapter from Zen In the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury.
If I had to name a favourite author it would be Ray Bradbury. I love his fiction but this Zen book is on the shelf along with my other how-to-write books. This one, picked up ten days ago, reminded me to write with 'zest and gusto'. It got me going again. Inspired. Enthused.
I prefer verve to gusto. Verve sounds more feminine - like vivacious.
It must be wonderful to be able to write something like that first chapter, The Joy of Writing, which incidentally begins with the words - Zest. Gusto. The joy came off the page, hit me in the face, soaked into every pore of my being and I was reminded of just that - The Joy of Writing.
The enjoyment can be a fleeting thing. We get an acceptance or two and joy is there, in the same email or letter. We receive a rejection and it is joyless. Life gives us a kick, or several, and joy fades. Now, thanks to Ray, I am enjoying writing again.


  1. Zest, Verve and Gusto? Sound like three characters from a short story :-)

  2. And long may they live. Zest, verve, gusto, enthusiasm, relish, enjoyment are all words we don't hear very often these days. We get Depression, Apathy and Bored instead.
    Long life to my three characters and all their close relatives.