Monday, November 23, 2009

Cotton Wool Head

It's one of those day when my head feels as if it's stuffed with cotton wool. Probably due from a lack of fresh air. I can't see any point in going outside and getting soaked - unless it's to clear the cotton wool, of course, so I may have to brave the rain later.
I've been all over my computer this morning. I tried to do a bit on my latest book, tried to start an article, tried to write a letter and now I'm attempting to blog, and all this through a cotton wool brain.
I'm not going to be easy to live with today but as I often tell the LSO 'No interesting woman is easy to live with'. I don't know who said that originally. It may have even been me.
This one was from Phil Cool and may also apply to life here at Penrhiw House today.
'I don't suffer from stress - but I think I'm a carrier.'


  1. Love that! Can I quote you and Phil?! Wooly head or not, you made a nice post, so maybe everything else will fall into place now too.

  2. That's an excellent quote from Phill Cool! I know a lot of stress carriers! There is no vaccine and no cure!

    I have a cotton wool head today so I know exactly what you're going through and it being so cold, dark and damp out there doesn't help does it?!

    I've been up reading with the kids at school this am. I've blogged, done a bit of NaNo and I'm now taking a break to go to Tescos with my husband.

    Hope your cotton wool clears soon, although if you go out in the rain thee is always the danget that the cotton wool will expand with the water!

    Julie xx

  3. Curiosity sent me here from Square Sunshine's - any one who goes with cosmic ordering must be someone worth saying 'Hi!' to... sorry you're one degree under today. Guess I should cosmic order return to full health for you, a.s.a.p! :)

  4. Know how you feel, was supposed to have my book published before Christmas, but no such luck, going to an enterprise group tomorrow and the subject is 'learning how to get on with things!'

  5. Of course you can quote me, Tina.
    And I didn't think about cotton wool expanding in water so I'll stay inside. Oh! The LSO's just informed me that cotton wool gets smaller but heavier when it's wet, so it doesn't expand. It just gets thicker, like my head!
    Hello Jinksy, I'm a great believer in Cosmic Ordering. That's how I got onto Deal Or No Deal and it's certainly how I got the big money. I wanted a motorhome for the LSO, put in an order then went to choose one and finally I set out to win the money. Nice to have you visit my blog.

    And lovely to see you here too, Carole. Have we met? I could do with coming with you to the enterprise group. Perhaps they'll have some tips on unclogging a cotton wool head.

  6. Carole, I meant to say good luck with the book.

  7. And over here in Brisbane I'm also blaming the weather for what I call mud brain - very similar to cotton wool. Too much sun here, and lots of mosquitoes breeding