Thursday, November 05, 2009

Feeling like Phoebe

Do you watch Friends? The other night the episode with Phoebe trying to phone a helpline was on. She stayed up all night in the hope of getting through to someone who would help her.
Yesterday I felt like Phoebe. I waited and waited for someone to answer the General Questions helpline for broadband. All I got was music. In the end I gave up, desperate for a comfort break.
This morning I decided to go for the Guide motto. Be Prepared. I took a cup of tea and a glass of water to my desk. Placed an extra cushion on my seat. Had a little pile of nibbles handy along with copies of Writers' News, Writing Magazine and Writers' Forum, all of which arrived yesterday afternoon. What I didn't have was a commode. Turned out I didn't need one. Today my call went through almost immediately. It would have been immediately if I hadn't had to make so many choices and press so many buttons. And what was I told? The company weren't responsible for my problem. They provided the broadband but I needed to contact my email address people to re-configure or something. I'll do that tomorrow. One of these calls per day is enough for anyone. If you read page 35 of Writers' Forum you will see I requested a geek in a cupboard for my writing Xmas present. I wish Santa had come early this year. Bonfire night would be good.
Currently Lynne Hackles is unable to send out any emails. If you are waiting for work or a reply from her - tough! It's not her fault!

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  1. We could all do with a "geek", Lynne - Your column definitely resonated with me. You only have to look at the NaNo Word Counter debarcle to see ehat a complete computer numpty I am! So yes, a geek would be nice for Christmas!.

    Julie xx