Wednesday, November 18, 2009

For LSOs Everywhere

It must be difficult to live with a writer. As a writer, have you ever considered what it's like for your other half? I call my husband the LSO, as many of you will already know. It stands for Long Suffering One. Here's a typical conversation with him.
Me: Why are you painting that wall green?
LSO: You said I could.
Me: I didn't.
LSO: When I asked you said, Mmmm, lovely.
Me: I thought you were asking if I wanted a cup of tea.
It can be problematic living in the same house yet on separate planets but I've come up with a solution. The LSO is being trained to become a PA. He's learning how to type by transcribing notes of our adventures in Win, the motorhome. I talked them onto tape. They go something like this.
Me: Look at that gorgeous blossom.
LSO: Forget the blossom. Look at the beeping map.
Me: Take a left, or is it a right? Hang on.
LSO: Hang on? How the beep do I hang on going around a roundabout?
And now I have pages and pages about our adventures complete with all the swearing.
So what's the photo about? We saw a horse on the horizon and as I'd rather like the LSO to beome personal photographer as well as PA I suggested he took a shot.
I think we should have a National Thank The LSO Day but possibly not in Nano month.


  1. Lynne, is this you from Writing Magazine!? Lovely blog, one way or the other! Tina

  2. Ah Lynne that resonated with me - the things I have agreed to whilst prancing around in my own little world. And they look so - well Long Suffering don't they when they say, "But you said yes," or "But I told you."
    I'm still trying to train mine to use a camera.
    I think a NTTLSO day is a great idea!

  3. I make mine stop for photos - even when we're zooming along a highway. The magic words are - "a magazine might buy a photo of that - "
    Can't help myself - despite that look, which my LSO has down to a fine art too
    They never wear that look when the cheques arrive, do they?