Friday, November 20, 2009

Here I Go Again

Yes, it's another post about Deal Or No Deal. Three years ago today I was in agony waiting for the show to be broadcast. I'd kept my win a secret since the show was filmed on October 11th.
Colin and I took a few friends out to lunch, then had to hang around until 4.15 when the local pub was going to show it on the Big Screen. I couldn't wait for everyone to know the outcome. Keeping quiet was doing me serious harm. Dave, the pub landord, was asked to give everyone a drink. 'But don't let it go over £50,' Colin whispered to him.
'Oh, I'm sorry,' said Dave, thinking I'd won a tiny amount - as he was intended to.
When it came down to those last two boxes everyone in the pub must have thought I'd got the 10p. But here's Noel giving me a big hug and telling me, 'You were fantastic.'
If you've seen the show and think all the contestants are a bit OTT with their comments about loving each other and missing each other then you're mistaken. It's a big thing in our lives and we're all in it together. A lot of us still keep in touch.
The show gave me more than £75,000. My confidence increased, I got over my phobia of cameras, and I made some new friends. And there's something about Noel Edmonds. He's such a professional and puts everyone at ease. I still begin each day with Gratitude. Thank you Noel. Thank you Deal or No Deal.


  1. What an exciting thing to happen. It must have been really hard not saying anything - I sometimes wonder about that, because I know that most of these shows are filmed in advance, so well done! Great to know you got so much more from the experience than the money too :o)

    (Did you get a story from it?!)

  2. Hi Karen.
    Of course I got a story from it! I wrote it up for a motorcaravan magazine. It was difficult to sell it to many places because all contestants have to sign a contract and there are things we cannot discuss. I get a story out of everything, even my husband's heart attacks :-)

  3. I'm so glad all that positivity and kindness amongst the contestants is for real - it always comes across as being genuine.

    I was on the edge of my seat for your game - and so pleased when your box was opened.


  4. We get Deal or no Deal in Australia too, also with a good host. Reading your blog has made me wonder why no one in my family has ever tried to actually be one of the contestants. Must be such a buzz