Monday, November 16, 2009

A quote to suit the weather

Seeing as the surrounding countryside is now a mystery - where are the fields and which bit exactly is the river? - perhaps we should be thinking about building a boat. I chose a boat quote for today. It's from Barry Sheene.
'Don't wait for your ship to come in; swim out and meet the bloody thing.'
He was right, you know. It's no use sitting around hoping to become a writer. You have to get out there, or at least get your work out there. You have to keep working towards your goal - swimming out to meet it.
Two months ago I didn't have a single piece of work 'out there'. Today I have thirty-nine. Stories, articles, letters and a couple of book proposals. So do my arms ache from typing, or swimming?


  1. My arms ache too, Lynne! Well done on getting your thirty nine pieces of work out there! What's your boat like? I know it's a pretend boat but I'd like to know - if you had a boat what would it be like? Would it be a luxury yacht, a barge, or a old tug?

    Julie xx

  2. It would be a pirate boat of course. A good old fashioned one just like the one Captain Pugwash had. Not that I'm saying he was a pirate. Definitely cannons and a Jolly Roger, and a plank!

  3. Fantastic quote, I love it. 39 out there - wow, well done! Must get swimming myself.