Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day

Written by Edgar Billingham, a founder member of Worcester Writers' Circle, this poem appeared in his book, Midland Poems, in 1944 and was praised by JB Priestley and described as 'one of the most poignant fragments of this or any war.'
Not for you, soldier, mourn we,
Young, and dead quickly,
But for you, schoolgirl, who never knew him,
Yet who must now go unloved and childless to the grave,
And for you, father, so proud,
And for you, mother,
Remembering the little hands.


  1. 'Remembering the little hands.' That's so lovely, Lynne. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Lynne

    One of the many joys associated with blogging is the regular introduction to new things.

    This a very moving poem and I thank you for the introduction.

  3. What a beautiful poem Lynne. The Remembrance Servies have all been so moving this year especially now, and rightly so, that they are more slanted towards ALL wars. I was privileged yesterday to go my grandsons' primary school's Remembrance Service. How moving was that? To see these little people taking up their poppies, reverently placing them, then remembering to bow was SO amazing. Three of the pupils read In Flanders Fields - another beautiful poem by John McCrae.