Monday, November 30, 2009

Where do I begin?

Monday again. A new week and I've no idea where to begin so I've been playing Spider Solitaire. My problem is I've too many projects on the go. I blame a clairvoyant who shall remain nameless. He suggested I should finish off projects that had been abandoned and I've discovered so many that I could keep writing for many years in order to complete them all.
This morning How To Books asked for new blurb and other bits for the new edition of Writing From Life. I think that needs to go to the top of the list.
I call my current dilemma, Writers' Jam. It's like a traffic jam. Too many vehicles all waiting to get through. It's possibly the opposite to Writers' Block. So what do I do?
I'm about to make a cup of tea, take out my new notebook and make a To Do List and put projects in order of priority. Wish me luck.
Per aspera ad astra. Through difficulties to the stars.
Yes, I did a bit of Latin at school though have to say the best remembered bit is a rhyme made up about the Latin teacher, the lovely and patient Mrs Tate.
Tatibus sittibus
on the deskolorum.
Deskibus collapsibus.
Tati on the floorum.

Kettle's boiling. I'm off!


  1. Good luck!

    I have a lot of projects on the go, and I have quite a linear brain (not sure if that's right or left, but it means I like structure and lists), so I have a to do list that I can follow. For short stuff I always do the same number of drafts and I like to colour code everything.

    If it's any use, you can see an example here:

    One of my many eccentricities, but it works for me. :o)

    Just booked my place at Fishguard, btw ... so it's your fault.

  2. Hi, Lynne! I know exactly what you're going through - too many projects and nit enough time!

    I like your teachers latin motto!

    Julie xx

  3. Every now and then I try to finish all my ongoing writing projects but I've come to the conclusion that some of them are unfinished because the time isn't right. The most appropriate ending hasn't yet emerged from the darkest recesses of my mind and yes, I find spider solitaire compulsive at times like that too.

  4. Writers Jam - I think you've hit a nail on the head there.

    I love the poem about Mrs Tate.