Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Writing as a cure

'Pain is constant, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual. You have to fight your way through it.' So said Michael Flatley.
I've been thinking about him a lot lately. I've developed Restless Leg Syndrome, probably due to the nerve damage in the bottom of my back. Some days there's no movement, others a few twitches and on the worst days it's like being Michael Flatley on crack. (Poet, Alison Chisolm, says she's looking forward to me doing the cabaret at Writers' Holiday, Caerleon.)
I tried tablets, I tried Valerian tea, I tried Kalms. I tried standing in the middle of a field at midnight, naked and reciting the Lord's Prayer backwards. (OK that last one is fiction.) Nothing worked. And then I tried writing and discovered that once I was lost in my writing all twitching stopped. I am now going to have to become a prolific writer.
Lots of us are going through some sort of pain - illness, bereavement, worry. Writing can help. Try it and see.
So you've got the quote and now comes a bit of sharing. Yesterday I heard that my book, Writing From Life, published by How To Books, is going into a second edition. I was so delighted that my legs forgot to twitch.


  1. Excellent news about the book, Lynne. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it - anyone out there who hasn't got a copy, get one because it is a true treasure trove and I for one am very glad you managed to sit still long enough to write it x

  2. I too believe that writing is a cure for both physical and mental problems. It doesn't matter if no one else will ever read it. It still helps. I enjoyed reading your blog and am so relieved that the middle of the field bit was fiction.

  3. Wonderful about your book being reprinted, Lynne. It shows you how you've been able to help other writers, despite having problems yourself. That must be very satisfying, perhaps more so than if a piece of fiction was being reprinted.