Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Long live the King

I remember the days when the sun warmed my bare arms, when the grass was dry and springy, when the sky was blue.

It seems a long time ago. It's still raining here and it reminded me of a Ray Bradbury story I read many years ago. The title has disappeared along with the sunshine but the story remains fresh in my mind. Britain was being evacuated because the weather here was unfit for humans. (Amazing how fiction can become reality.) At the final airlift one man refused to be moved and, as the helicopter (I think) took off, that man ran around, completely insane, declaring himself King of England.

I'd taken a picture of a miserable grey landscape to add to this blog and then decided to spread some shunshine instead. The picture was taken while we were on our travels around the coast of Britain. It's sunshine and blue sea on the Isle of Skye.


  1. Thanks, Sue! A nice bit a blue in the dismal darknes and dampness of Autumn/Winter works wonders!

    Julie xx

  2. Lynne

    I know that feeling of running around completely insane. If only I was King of England though...

  3. Thank you for the sunshine, Lynne xx

  4. King Martin it is then! I can see you on your lonely throne, sat writing beautiful poetry.

  5. Perhaps we should have 'sunshine' blog day where we all post sunny pictures? The sun came out here in Cumbria this afternoon, therefore, I can confirm, it does still exist. :-)

  6. That's never the Isle of Skye. It did nothing but rain while I was there.

    Sun was out in Bournemouth this morning.