Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mr Squeal

This is my friend, Mr Squeal. He's called that because our grandson, Dan, when tiny, couldn't say squirrel and it came out as squeal.
Mr Squeal is on the bird table. I can actually go outside and talk to him. He's not spoken to me yet but he listens to what I say to him, which is more than the LSO does on occasions.
I feel a bit guilty about Mr S because we've been away for a week and returned to find that the nuts and assorted food had run out. Just to compensate we've just put out some cooked rice and crumbled Digestive biscuits.


  1. I should hope Mr Squeal hasn't spoken top you yet and never will otherwise I would be worried about you!! He does look rather lovely though, bless him. I bet he wasn't amused when he rean out of nosh though! Looks like he's enjoying his biscuits.

    Julie xxx

  2. Mr. Squeal? I delightful subject for a children's book....

  3. I'm waiting for him to tell me the story for that book, Carole. I can't understand why you wouldn't want a squirrel to talk to you, Julie. Didn't your teddy bear ever tell you secrets?

  4. My cats speak to me all the time - but I was trying to keep that quiet. Lynne!

    Julie xx

    Ooh and merry Christmas!

  5. Mr Squeal is gorgeous. And a good listener too - excellent.

  6. Julie - of course Mr Squeal talks, who do you think told Lynne the joke about 'whats got a hazlenut in everybite?'

    Can Mr Squeal fly a plane? I know a grandson who has one and it would make a good opening for the book! Mr Squeal could dive bomb the supermarket and fly around the heads of all the people that think the world is going to end because it's Christmas, pick up his own nuts, pay at the self service and fly home, chatting all the way on his radio connected into Wyn...