Monday, December 07, 2009

Pink Stinks

Three cheers! Someone is finally doing something about Girly Pink. See and follow the link from there. I can't do links but I expect someone out there will soon tell me how. (And square sunshine is a brilliant blog to have a mooch around.) Little girls do not have to live in a pink world. They are not all little princesses and it's about time some parents got a reality check. Isn't blue for boys and pink for girls a little outdated now?
I am allergic to pink. Furthermore my grandson, Dan, is allergic to 'girlies in pink'. A few years ago I used to have to check the supermarket aisles before we turned each corner just in case there was a girlie in pink in that particular aisle.
One of my husband's reflexology clients when filling in medical details put pink under allergies.
I love red and orange and green. Come to think of it I'm all traffic light colours and would never even use a pink comb or toothbrush. Pink is fine in the garden. A few pink things for girls won't hurt but this obsession with stinky pink makes me see red!


  1. Lynne

    Thanks for rallying to the cause with today's post, and a special thanks for such nice comments about my blog.

    I hope you're truly in the p..., I mean, I hope you're well!

  2. NOT A MOMENT TO SOON!!! At last could it be that we`re going to see the end of the "Chavtastic" pampered princess`s. They`re usually spotted on parade in their home territory ( blue water, lakeside etc etc) by their equally obnoxious Leopard print bedraped mothers..... Oh no! This is turning into a crazed rant.. PLEASE, the sooner this species becomes extinct the better