Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hills of green

Here it is! The new cover for my book. This will be what it looks like in its second edition which should be out around June. (buy from amazon or
I'd grown used to the first cover with its blue sky with little white clouds, like ideas, sailing in it. This one is beginning to grow on me now. Change is always hard for me. Jane Wenham-Jones and I once got quite faint because the table in our kitchen at Writers' Holiday, Caerleon, had been moved so that it faced North to South instead of East to West. (
There is another change going on and this is one that I've looked forward to. The THAW!
Green looks really strange now. Instead of staring out of my window at white hills, white valley, white garden, there are now patches of green and they look very very bright. The snow has made me lethargic. Hibernation was appealing. Perhaps with the return of green my brain will re-awaken.
Here's hoping.


  1. I have the " sky with little white clouds, like ideas, sailing in it." on my desk, in front of me. And very handy it is too.

    I agree, it's great to see things thawing out.

  2. We want more green! Your book cover looks great - 2nd edition too - hope it sells well for you.

    Julie xx

  3. Your book looks like a useful one to get hold of. Good luck with your relaunch. I agree about the strange green outside the window and I too have been feeling lethargic. I think there are some cold-blooded genes in a lot of us.

  4. The book looks great! Congrats. When the snow went here on Monday, it felt like the year was really beginning. But the fog came today. I think it's inspiring me to write something apocalyptic!

  5. Hills of green? We have heaps of dirty grey. The rain came today. I hope it rains and rains and rains and washes it all away because even I'm sick of it now, but that's probably because of the disastrous way it's been dealt with.

    Congratulations on the new book cover. I think it looks great, but I love my original version too, thank you.

  6. Lovely cover! I have the first edition - it's a great little book.