Saturday, January 02, 2010

The LSO here

Hi! This is Colin, Lynne's husband, also known as the LSO - Long Suffering One. A title well deserved. You see, I didn't marry a writer. She became one. No-one said 'for better or worse, when writing or making your life a misery when not writing'.
Over the years I've got used to rejections, celebrations, tears and wails and all those calls of 'Colin, Colin, I've forgotten the word I want, can't find the disk with the photo, lost the file, can can you read this, check that, do you know this, that and the other.' And the one most often used - 'Are you putting the kettle on?' Apparently this is Venusian for 'I want a cup of tea.' Lynne once gave me Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus to read. It didn't tell me where writers came from.
I also didn't reckon on becoming sort of famous. Apart from being on telly when I was in the audience while Lynne played Deal Or No Deal, I have become a character both factual and fictional. I've made an appearance in a children's book, many short stories, and an unpublished novel (Hell, the stress that one caused me). She's told all and sundry about my parents, my jobs and even my heart attacks. Is nothing sacred? Thankfully, so far, she's not got involved in erotic writing.
And what does she say if I complain. 'But darling, no interesting woman is easy to live with.'


  1. I don't think anyone knows where writers come from, LSO,but it certainly ain't this one! I have just asked my LSO what it's like living with writer (he didn't marry one either, but she became one) and he said - and I quote, "no comment," So there you are! He did ponder it for a long time but couldn't put anything into words! I can't think why.

    Well done on your efforts at being Lynne's LSO!
    Julie xx

  2. I bet my own LSO can empathise with much of this too! He also got more than he bargained for.

    I don't think I'd be willing to let him loose on my blog though, so well done Lynne for letting the LSO takeover!

  3. Dear Long Suffering,
    I must be the lucky one, my LSO is just proud of my efforts, and I'm sure you feel the same about Lynne :0)

    Keep up your good work together! Carole.

  4. Colin - so, you've been written about in short stories, novels and factual stuff too - sounds to me like you are not the LSO but the BIO - Big Inspirational One. Without you as her BIO, Lynne would have written less.

    And as one tea-guzzling writer myself - you don't realise how important "putting the kettle on" is to keeping a writer going.

  5. I read this out to my own LSO who managed a bit of a grin, and muttered something about wondering if Colin has to do all the housework, too!

    Brilliant blog takeover, Lynne. Loved it.

  6. And you wouldn't have her any other way would you. I bet you make a lovely cup of tea too.

  7. Happy New Year to you and your LSO. He looks pretty happy on it, anyway!

  8. Well, LSO, you certainly have lived a full and rich existence! All down to your good lady wife!

    I bet many a man wishes he could say he's been this and that and the other, so well done and keep it up!!