Sunday, January 03, 2010

Mr Freeze

This is a cheat really. It's not a snowman. It's only a head. Why? Because my back seizes up when it's cold so I had limited time outside, and because my back is bad it's difficult to bend. But I so wanted to make a snowman that I compromised. This head is sitting on the picnic table and Mr Freeze is looking through the kitchen windown at me - he was quick to build and involved no bending as the snow was already on the table.
The top picture is the front garden and all that white behind is not sky. It's snowy hills. It all looks very lovely but I don't want to be out there. Perfect writing weather.


  1. Isn't is just the perfect weather for writing?! Day job tomorrow, but planning second novel today and starting tomorrow night!
    Your garden is lovely. Happy New Year to you and the LSO!

  2. Well done you with bad back and making a snowman, and it is perfect writing weather, have edited four pages already :0) Hugs...

  3. I think a lot more writing gets done during the winter months, Tina. A DCThomson editor once told me that most of his story writers spent the summer in the garden.
    Well done on the editing Carole. I've not done any work for a couple of weeks. Back to it today. BTW my back's been bad for 40 years now.

  4. Glynis Scrivens08 January, 2010 08:13

    Would swap our muggy Brisbane weather if I could - a few days of snow would be nice, but not what you are enduring

  5. There you are!

    The snow has so lost its appeal.

    I have no food, only a sack of bird seed. The robin and his mates bully me if I don't provide.

    Your garden's lovely - and Mr Freeze.