Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quiet but busy

I've been quiet lately because I've been busy. My year began with a rejection. I sent a story off one day (email) and it came back the next. My mistake? It was sent when the moon was on the wane. That's what I reckon so, in future, I shall only send out work when the moon is waxing. It's a full moon tonight - good for performing spells. Perhaps the key spell should be refreshed so this house sells.
Busy? I decided to clear all the paperwork that's been waiting for attention. I've ploughed through it all this week, at the same time as interviewing authors for a forthcoming article. Life is going to get busier as the new book is getting started on Monday. Not sure when the deadline is yet but I want to get well ahead in case we get a buyer and move house in the middle of writing.
Now the decks are clear I actually feel like working. That paper wasn't just clogging up my office. It was clogging up my brain.


  1. I hate paperwork - I've two wobbly piles of it waiting to be dealt with and I know there's probably something important lurking in there.
    If it's clear tonight put your crystals on the windowsill to absorb some gentle moon energy.
    Good luck getting started on Monday x

  2. I find this idea of co-ordinating submissions with the moon's phases fascinating. I posted a manuscript yesterday and so I think that the moon was waxing then which means it's a good sign. I'll let you know if it works for me. Good luck with your house sale and thanks to Teresa for the crystal suggestion. I have two treasured crystals but have never placed them in moon light. I will do tonight though.

  3. Glynis Scrivens31 January, 2010 03:27

    I'm not sure which is worse, an overnight rejection or one that takes months. On the whole, I think the overnight one is preferable, because you don't have long to build your hopes up. Speedy acceptances of course win every time.
    Crystals, spells, full moons.....
    watch out, editors

  4. Submitting work when there's a full moon? Gives a whole new meaning to 'mooning'!

  5. How very interesting! I've never heard of co-ordinating submissions with moon phases... got to be worth a try though!