Monday, February 15, 2010

Job application

Yes, the LSO has found a job he fancies. It's advertised in our local freebie and says, 'Cleaner wanted for young female. 2 days a week.'
He reckons he could see himself rubbing down a young female.
We both love reading the small ads. There are so many weirdly worded ones around. How about ' Pensioner wants someone to cut parrot's toenails.' Or our all-time favourite, under For Sale. 'Very old black lady's bicycle.' We were tempted to phone and see how the old lady was.


  1. You're dead right about the small ads. Each one has a little story of its own. I love them.

  2. You make me want to start reading them!... Or writing them (for sheer devilment)

  3. In 1979 when I was on holiday in the UK, I read an ad for a tour gude for an 8 day holiday to Italy. Not very reassuring - I'd bought a ticket for that tour, and it was due to leave within a fortnight