Thursday, February 04, 2010

Milking it!

Oh no, not Deal Or No Deal again!
Yes, it is but possibly for the final time. I've milked this experience for as much as possible and this week an article on it appears in the Real Life section in My Weekly (wk ending Feb 6 which date just happens to be a BIG birthday for me). There's also a horrible picture of me on the front cover, in the top corner. One consolation is that Noel doesn't look too good either.
I sent the above picture, along with several others, to accompany the feature. I call it tip-toeing through the tulips. It was taken last Spring at Osborne House when we took Win (our motorhome) to the Isle of Wight.
This feature is proof that you can use Writing From Life, get published and get paid.


  1. Lynne - I nipped in the newsagent today for a browse and you leapt out at me right off the shelf and I proceeded to get very excited!

    Great article - I've been showing you off to everyone. And that is a lovely picture of you with the tulips.

    Happy birthday on Saturday both of you x

  2. We'll see your article in May over here! Shall look forward to it.
    Why stop milking DOND?

  3. Thanks Teresa. We are about to set off on a birthday weekend but, like all writers, I have to check emails and blogs first.

    And Glynis, you've made me think. Milking DoND. My Weekly have used the title of 'I Can't Believe I Won' but I knew I was going to win. I placed a Cosmic Order for the big money. And I've not written this up for It's Fate or F&F yet.

  4. Oh, don't mention the Isle of Wight to me!

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