Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Post-Fishguard weekend

The weekend for Writers & Artists at the Fishguard Bay Hotel was intensive. I was tutoring the short story course and had some very talented writers there. As well as the six one-hour sessions we had a rather long introduction on the Friday evening (an hour and a half and that was my fault as I was so excited to have people to talk to) and another extra when we went through stories the delegates had sent in for me to read.

I was so hyped up that I couldn't sleep well at the hotel so I've been spending extra time in my bed since getting home.

Now I am being very brave and posting a picture of me, in bed and with no slap on! The tiara is because I am now a Lady. My daughter bought me the title for my big birthday. No need to curtsey but please let's have a little respect if you post a comment here. (This means you Whaley!)


  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend... m'lady! I know what you mean about being too hyped up to sleep. I have that problem too. If only we could truly be masters of our brain's activities then I suspect that life would be considerably easier.

  2. Sounds wonderful your royal worshipness and that picture of you in your bed is just brilliant.

  3. Dear Lady Lynne

    It was lovely to see you again at Fishguard - though I did miss seeing the tiara! Are you going to bring it to Caerleon.

    Curtseys to you Ma'am!


  4. Hear that creaking noise? That's my knees bending as I bow and scrape to a Lady. Will the Tiara be coming to Caerleon? I'll need to pack my WD40 then if it is.

  5. You're going to have to buy some silver sequinned pyjamas to match your new bedtime headgear.

  6. Thank you all (regal wave) for your comments.
    And yes, the tiara will be going to Caerleon.

  7. Well what can I say m'lady? I know - I can say that tiara doesn't half suit you.

  8. Are we allowed to look you directly in the eye when we speak to you or do we have to stare at the floor?! Lowers eyes and turns head away in case causes offence to her royal highness lady Lynne!!

    Love the tiara!


  9. Hi Your Ladyship
    Dead envious as I have a tiara but no title! Many thanks for a great weekend. Also came home exhausted but newly motivated and have been writing and kipping ever since.


  10. Fishguard sounds very successful. Shame you're all over the other side of the world. I wouldn't mind feeling "newly motivated", Eileen
    Don't have a tiara, maybe that's the problem. But there is a broken crown around here somewhere from a dressing up party .....