Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can you spare 2p?

My friend, Lamin, runs a charity to help children in the Gambia - He tells me that 2p is what it costs to feed one child one school meal a day.
Lamin went to school there but now lives in Worcester. He wants other children to have the opportunities he has had so he began his Fresh Start Foundation. His latest newsletter had a section on school meals. I'll quote -

'FSF's first school meal appeal has been a success with all children at Kwinella Lower Basic School guaranteed a meal until the end of the summer term. As a result of the appeal the school has seen an increase in its enrollment figures which means more children learning and less working on the streets. Now FSF want to feed more children. We are appealing for support to feed 770 hungry bellies and the funds will be allocated between 3 schools and 1 nursery. Schools and nurseries charge 2p as a contribution for a school meal. However, for some families living in abject poverty this amount is simply too much to pay. As a result some children go the whole day without food.'

What's 2p to us? Could you tip all your tuppences out of your wallet/purse into a jar and collect them for FSF? Could you ask your family to do the same?
If you've got this far perhaps you'd like to direct readers of your blog to this one. Perhaps blogland could help Lamin feed his 770 children.


  1. Amazing what a difference tuppence can make isn't it. It's nothing to us really, but to think it could feed a child. Shrapnel my grandad used to call it. I can't think of a better place for tuppences than donating them to FSF.

  2. Hi Lynne and Happy Easter to you. I've linked to your blog from mine today - hope lots of 2ps come to FSF as a result!