Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fancy a Spring Break?

How about a week or a few days in beautiful unspoiled North Pembrokeshire in a unique house which is completely private and not overlooked by, or attached to, any neighbours?
I'm renting my house out as a holiday let while I'm living away and it's at half price (£300 per week or £50 per night) for anyone who wants it if you come via my blog or website. Go to and email me via the link.


  1. I hope you're going to put a visitor's book in the Pembrokeshire Penthouse wot the Lord and Lady are renting out.

    Some of the best holiday reading ever is the visitor's book! Jotted some interesting short story ideas down from them, that's for sure!

  2. Looks gorgeous and very, very tempting :o)

  3. Glynis Scrivens05 April, 2010 02:53

    Shame there's an ocean between me and Pembrokeshire .... It looks like an idyllic place to sit and write undisturbed
    Agree with Simon about visitor's books.

  4. I agree - a visitor's book is a must! It looks wonderful.

    I've awarded you a Beautiful Bloggers award - details over at my blog x

  5. Only just managed to come here and see this, Lynne. It's utterly gorgeous!