Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lift Up Thine Eyes

This is a view from the window of our new place in Malvern. Between those trees and those hills is Great Malvern with its shops, cafes, theatre, cinema and people.
We moved in, in a little way, last Wednesday. The move proper is this weekend so I have to decided what to take and what to leave here as we'll be returning one week each month so that Lord Hackles can see to his reflexology clients. (Yes, he got a title too.)
As well as moving I have my regular columns to write, got to finish a proofing/copy-editing job, have an article consisting of half a dozen interviews to write up and now I've heard that the proofs of the second edition of Writing From Life should be arriving today - and could I check them please and return them before April 12th?
It's going to be all go but I know now that if I feel lethargic I need only look at the hills and the magic of them fills me. It always has.
When I was a little girl, living in Kidderminster, my Grandad would lift me up to look over the garden wall and there in the distance were the Malverns. I vowed to live there when I grew up and, eventually, I did for many happy years. Then circumstances meant a move to rural Wales and I've done eight years of exile here. Now I am going home.
Malvern's motto is 'Lift up thine eyes unto the hills'.


  1. Congratulations on going home and best of luck with the move itself.

  2. What a lovely view, Lynne and so near all that life. I'm so glad you're going home x

  3. "She's coming home, she's coming home, La-dy Hackles is coming home."

    So, are you Lord and Lady Hackles of Pembrokeshire, or Lord and Lady Hackles of Malvern then? Or does the title depend upon where you actually standing at the time? (Lady Hackles of Lidl does sound quite right, but I'm sure Great Malvern has a Waitrose somewhere.)

  4. Hoping you're settled soon. There really is no lace like home, and you have found your way back there.

  5. Congratulations on moving back home and good luck with the bigger move at the weekend. It's a fantastic view and I hope it inspires you to write and write and write, m'lady.

  6. Congratulations on finding the way home. I'm from Lancashire originally, but have lived the last 29 years in the Midlands. My spirits still lift when we drive north up the M6 and the Lancashire moors come into view in the distance. My husband's a northerner, too, so you can guess what we hope to do sometime.

  7. I'm glad I came back to my birth home, too. Although the hunting grounds of my teenage years (the park, the park and the park) have given way to new ones (the cafe, the cafe, the cafe).

  8. Thank you all. So pleased you all understand that feeling of being in exile.
    And, Simon, it's Lady Hackles of Kincavel who will be happily shopping in Waitrose.

  9. Lovely view Lynne. The Malvern hills are beautiful. I'm originally a Derbyshire lass and hope to get back to those hills one day!

  10. Glynis Scrivens19 March, 2010 23:46

    Hills and mountains have something special about them - they're protective and full of mystery. I always find flat places boring. "My" mountain is Mount Coolum. Has been since I was a child. We used to drive up for day trips. Now we have a beach house right under it and I can stand on the footpath and there it is. It's a wonderful feeling. So glad you're returning to your hills

  11. From Elaine Everest

    Lynne I do hope you enjoy your new home. Like Glynis I too love hills and montains - it must be something to do with the surname! Malvern is beautiful and we've stayed there many times when showing our dogs at the Three Counties Showground. Good luck with the proofs I've just done mine!

  12. Hi Lynne
    I'm from the Scribe forum. Have been checking out your website! Was intrigued to see you live in Malvern (Well I presume you still do). My non-fiction book The Water Doctor's Daughters is about Malvern and I have spent many wonderful hours there completing my research. Am hoping to have the launch at somewhere like the Foley Arms. It's to be publushed by Robert Hale, Feb. of next year.

    I love your website. Mine is one day old and will need some tweaking I suspect!