Friday, March 05, 2010

Maybe it was the mookaite

A few weeks ago this piece of mookaite called to me from hundreds of crystals in a shop. Since then I've held it every day and keep it on my desk. I've also been using lots of positive thought. The reason is I'm a townie and living in the country is simply not for me. The house is still for sale and nothing's happening so the LSO came up with the idea of renting a place in Malvern. That was Friday. Saturday we checked the internet and booked to see six places. Monday we went to Malvern. Tuesday we looked at a few places and the third agent we met took us to something we hadn't considered. We fell in love, signed up and we get the keys next week.
The plan is to divide our time between (now Lady Hackles is about to speak. If you don't know about the title see previous post) our town house and our country house. The LSO, as a reflexologist, has lots of clients here. I can work anywhere if writing non-fiction. To write short stories I need a constant supply of ideas and I don't get them here. I need people to watch and to listen to.
In order to finance this move we are going to sell Win, our American motorhome. Details will be appearing soon on my website so if you know anyone who is looking for a 2 berth, rare breed, left-hand drive recreational vehicle with many extras please steer them in this direction.


  1. Yay!! I'm so thrilled for you, your majesty!
    You couldn't have chosen a better crystal - or rather it seems it chose you.

  2. Well hello, m'lady.

    It's a shame you have to sell Win when she means so much to you, but I'm sure you've discussed it at length. Good luck!

  3. Malvern is lovely. Also has some good things on at the showground. Hope you'll be happy there.

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  5. Good luck with your relocation!

  6. Thank you all for the respect and comments. We've done everything we wanted to do with Win - travelled the entire coast of Britain, without a map and just keeping the sea in view. Now we want to go home to live and Malvern has always been home.
    Yes, Joanne, there's the showground, theatre, cafes, shops, restaurant, but most of all - people.

  7. Crikey - Sounds like you have done, with Win, what I always dreamt of doing on foot -lucky girl!
    And perhaps I'll do it one day, if a glossy Sunday Supplement/non-fiction publisher pay me a huge advance for the resulting travelogue gold, LOL, and the NHS give me two new knees for my 40th birthday...
    Like your columns in Writing Mag BTW. I'm off to look at my tea leaves in a mo ;-)

  8. Glynis Scrivens13 March, 2010 09:16

    Can't help noticing that lucky crystal is shaped like Australia and is our indigenous colours. Which only goes to show we really are the lucky country.
    Moving back to Malvern sounds by far the best move you could make. I once read that to achieve you need to throw your heart over the bar, your body will follow.
    Enjoy your return to city life X