Sunday, May 23, 2010

Did you miss me?

Apologies for being quiet for such a long time but I've been having fun. Now I'm back in Malvern I remember what life is all about. There's always so much going on and having stimulation makes me want to write. Take this caterpillar for example. It tells me I should be writing children's books.

On May Day there was a theme in the Winter Gardens. Alice. The LSO (Long Suffering One aka husband) was accosted by a white rabbit. And this wonderful caterpillar was reading from a book whilst smoking some dubious substance from a pipe.

On the same day the wells around Malvern were dressed. There are too many of them to count but the best known were allocated to different groups and individuals who dressed them and then they were blessed. You've all heard of Malvern water, haven't you? Apparently Madge has her cars washed in nothing else!

We drove around some of the wells and springs and spouts and took pictures. Next year I'll be organised and do them properly. This tells me I should be writing articles.

To the left is the spout in Malvern Link. And here's the one depicting Florence Nightingale. She used to come here for the water cure. This tells me I should be researching history.
And this is where we collect our drinking water. It's a spring on the West side of the hills, just above the Schweppes factory. They bottle the stuff and flog it. Locals know where to get it for free.
The girl guides did an amazing job dressing this one.
Now I've got almost used to having shops within walking distance, seeing lots of people, having a proper library and a theatre I must knuckle down to some work. Got a contract the other day so now I have to write a book on ghostwriting.
And for the ladies - I went to a play starring the wonderful Tom Conti. This tells me I should be writing erotica. Now to tell the LSO I'm only joking.


  1. Yay - welcome back to Blogland Lynne.

    I am very happy to see you back - This tells me you have been missed :-)

    I can't help wondering what your butterlies are like in Malvern. This tells me you are an inspiration :-)

    Congratulations on the contract - that's a book I look forward to reading. Lovely post, Lynne - so good to see you x

  2. Yes, welcome back, Lynne. Like Teresa, I look forward to hearing more about the new book in due course.

  3. Of course we missed you.

    Tom Conti? Yumm...! He's enough to distract anyone from blogging.

    I didn't realize they dressed wells in Malvern. Well dressing is quite a big thing around Derbyshire where I am originally from. It's amazing what they do with flower petals and leaves and stuff.

  4. Oh gosh, not you as well. Mum's not stopped talking about Tom since the local theatre group clambered onto the coach to travel down to the theatre at Malvern. Mind you, when I say 'clambered on' it was more like a stampede!

    Welcome back to blogland!

  5. Glynis Scrivens23 May, 2010 23:57

    Welcome back, Lynne. Any girl can be excused for being sidetracked by Tom Conti.....
    Those wells would make a good travel piece, with lots of photos