Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three Big Sleeps

Only three Big Sleeps and I'll be setting off for my favourite week of the year.
Writers' Holiday at Caerleon, near Newport, South Wales. ( There's still time for a last minute booking if you want to join me. Gaynor Davies, from Woman's Weekly, is going to be there. Plus Simon Whaley, Catherine King, Irene Yates, Alison Chisolm, Stephen Wade, Jane Pollard, Marina Oliver, Brad Ashton, Janet Laurence, Susan Moody, Kate Walker, Myra Kersner, Simon Hall (tvdetective), James Nash, Trisha Ashley, Hugo Summerson, Elizabeth Hawksley and Lionel Fanthorpe. Sorry if I've missed anyone. Andrew Earney is there too, being very patient with people who want to paint or draw so you could drag a partner along and send them to him to be creative.
I am soooo looking forward to it. And don't forget that, while I'm gone, you can still enter my simple competition to win my book. (see previous post)


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time x

  2. Enjoy your three big sleeps. I only have two big sleeps and a mini-sleep. (My nephew is stopping for one night before I head for Caerleon.)

  3. Have a great time - am very envious! I said last year that I'd make the effort and go this year but have I? Have I heck! I will have to book early for next year - will someone please make sure I do it?!!!

    Julie xx