Sunday, July 18, 2010

Writing from Life - The New Edition

Here's the new cover for the second edition of my How To book, Writing From Life. A sort of stripy cover was sent to me and, just as I was getting used to it, it changed. This one is remarkably similar to my Handy Little Book for Writers. Maybe all my books will end up with
purple covers!?
Several people have been waiting for this to come out - it wasn't due until December, but tomorrow a boxful should arrive here and I'll be posting them out to those who requested copies. I'll also have a load to take to talks and workshops. Coming up is Writers' Holiday, Caerleon where I'm tutoring the short story class (replacing Adele Ramet who can't make it). Then there's the SWWJ weekend conference in Cambridge, followed by a day with a group in Titchfield, then Hastings, then Dartford and, in December, Wolverhampton.
I've never had a second edition of anything before. Thanks to everyone who bought the first edition and, if you didn't, here's your chance to get a copy of the second.
Go to my website and discover what other names I write under. Email me your answers - you can email direct from the website - and I'll get the LSO to pick one name out on August 1st and they'll get a free copy of Writing From Life with a copy of Handy Little Book thrown in.


  1. Purple is good! You will have nicely colour co-ordinated bookshelves. Thanks for the comp. x

  2. Looks good in purple! Well done on publishing a second edition.

  3. It looks great, Lynne. Have linked to the comp from my blog, Twitter and Facebook.

  4. Purple is a good, positive colour. By the way, is your Titchfield group in Titchfield, Hampshire?

  5. Purple is the "in" colour at the moment I believe! Great news on the 2nd edition. Caroline x