Friday, October 22, 2010

Why did I do that?

Almost every day, I try to go out for a walk. I've not been very mobile this year so every walk is an achievement.
Yesterday I found myself in the park, tip-toeing past the pond because the ducks were all fast asleep, heads tucked under wings, and I didnt want to disturb them.


  1. Awwh! That's so sweet and considerate, Lynne. It's something I'd do too. I hate having my sleep disturbed so I'm sure some of the lovely ducks are the same.

    Well done and getting out and about.

    Julie xx

  2. The birds must have thought you were quackers. ;)

    Seriously, congrats on a walk in this weather. It's way too old outside for any of us!

  3. Good for you with the daily walks - and for being so kind to the ducks, somehow that does not surprise me!

  4. Yes, a daily walk is vital for me - it clears my head and helps get the creative juices flowing again. I once had to help over 50 cars turn around and retrace their journey along a single-track lane I use on my walks. There's been an accident on the main road and unfortunately, the policeman had not put the "Diversion' sign next to the right road!