Monday, December 13, 2010

I said I'd help. Can you?

Raj Lal has asked me for help and now I’m asking you. Raj is doing an MA in Writing at Warwick University where the students want to continue the tradition of producing an anthology of their writing. In order to do this they need to fundraise and have come up with the idea of asking writers and publishers if they would be willing to donate books, and if possible, signed books. These will be used as raffle prizes and/or auctioned during fundraising and launch events.
Could you donate a signed book? Do you have any writer/publisher friends who might be willing to donate? Raj needs as many donations as possible! Perhaps you could pass the word along together with Raj’s email address? She will then give you an address to send books to.

If you would like to authenticate this fundraising venture and student anthology, please contact the MA in Writing course leader Maureen Freely at

Raj says to thank you all and send warmest greetings for a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

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