Friday, December 03, 2010

A treat

It's perfect writing weather with all this snow. Who would want to go out in it? (Don't answer that, Simon.)
I was sent this link instead of a Christmas card and it's so good I wanted to share it with all of you. Do take a look and, if you are like me or Teresa Ashby, have some tissues at the ready.


  1. Gosh that took me back. Many moons ago I sang The Messiah in a choir in the Barbican. I was so nervous I had to stand on one leg throughout as the other one was shaking so much.
    I just had to join in listening to that and nearly needed the tissues when I found out how far off the high notes I was now.
    Thanks for the memory, Lynne, and a very happy Christmas to you.

  2. Love these flash mob performances - I live in hope of experiencing one myself. I'll remember this on Christmas Eve when I hear this piece performed in St John's Cathedral in Brisbane. thanks for sharing

  3. Lynne, it's nice going out in this when the skies are clear and the snow on the ground is fresh (and easy to walk on.) But with temperatures like -17C, stepping outside can freeze your brain so hard it takes days for it to thaw and the creativity to flow again!

    Love the YouTube vid!

  4. Wow! We loved this Flash Mob performance. We would love to experience one, one day.....please.