Thursday, March 03, 2011

Seven Things About Me

Thanks to Teresa Ashby for giving me the Stylish Blogger award and something to blog about because I am now obliged to tell you seven things about myself.

1. I often start a blog and then realise I could use the content for a Novel Ideas column (Writing Magazine) or something longer. The downside of blogging is that you can’t sell what you write. (Or can you? Someone contradict me, please.)
2. I’ve been writing for a very long time.
3. I’m no longer a daughter but I am still a mother and a grandmother and a wife.
4. I haven’t seen my son for ten years. He married someone who couldn’t share him with anyone else. (Do I want to tell you this? I’ve deleted it twice and then put it back again.) I have never seen my granddaughter but have almost finished a book about the subject of grandparents not being allowed to see their grandchildren. It’s a book for children. Perhaps she’ll read it.
5. My daughter’s son, my grandson Dan, was recently described in a newspaper as a ‘prodigious golfer’. He’s 12 and is going to buy me a red Jaguar when he hits the big time.
6. My daughter is coming to Writers’ Holiday, Caerleon with me this year. I usually teach and am now going to experience the other side of the week, being a delegate.
7. I try to be positive all of the time, fail some of the time. Am becoming more in tune as the years pass (psychic) and receive a daily message from The Universe. You can too if you sign up with


  1. Oh, Lynne - I'm so sorry about your son. And how brave of you to share it on your blog. I'm sure there are other people out there (here?) who will identify with and even share your experience (I know at least one).

    But well done on the award! it's a particularly tasteful-looking one, I think! As for the red Jaguar...what can I say?

  2. Hi, popped over from Teresa's blog. Loved reading your list but felt so saddened about your son and grandson. Families eh? That must be heartbreaking. I too have two cousins who are married to control freaks and manage to jealously protect their partners fom the rest of us no matter how hard we kept in touch. Chin up, perhaps one day there will be that phone call you need.

  3. You'll be driving round in that Jag in no time.
    I hope you'll meet your granddaughter one day, Lynne.
    As for your number 7, I don't think I've ever met anyone with such a positive outlook on life as you :-)
    WIsh I was coming to Caerleon with you x

  4. I second - no, third - no, fourth, the comments above. Very brave of you to share something which must be difficult to deal with.
    Families can be both the most joyous and heartbreaking things in the world. Either it's hard to keep our loved ones close, or hard to love our close ones in the way we (or other people) feel we should.
    As always tho', Lynne, you put a smile on my face :-) I hope your grandson proves to be as good at driving a car as he is at using a driver! A driver! Geddit? Ha ha...I'll get m'coat.

  5. Brilliant. I can't wait to meet your daughter at Caerleon. :)

  6. Firstly, I'd say, why can't you blog about something and then write about it in one of your columns? You might want to re-arrange the words slightly, but presumably your columns don't buy electronic rights do they?

    Secondly - Caerleon. So you're being an ordinary 'punter' too this year, heh? Goodo, that makes two of us who won't be on our best behaviour then!

  7. Glynis Scrivens04 March, 2011 23:22

    I agree with Simon. You could write a mini version of a column, as a teaser. If you mention the column as well, it'd be okay - I'm sure magazines wouldn't mind the free publicity

  8. Hi Lynne,
    Thanks for sharing seven things about you. I hope your son and daughter in law follow your blog. (I bet they do), and realise that it would be best for everyone if you saw your grandaughter. Hope she reads your book, and insists on meeting her clever loving Grandma.

  9. Lynne, I was saddened to read of your relationship with your son and daughter in law. My sister has distanced herself from all her family since marrying for a second time. Seems we were no longer good enough for her new man. Her daughter was taken away from her family and I hadn't seen her since she was twelve. My dad wanted to see her before he died but it wasn't to be. My niece is now 31 has two lovely little girls and we have been in daily touch for the past five years since she tracked us down through Friends Reunited. So don't give up hope of seeing your grand daughter one day.
    I'm teaching at Caerleon this year but intend to be very unruly all week along with my fellow 'ladies with laptops!' See you there.
    Elaine E.