Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Andrew Easton Show

I wore bright red with lime green. Had on green shoes and carried a green handbag along with a copy of Diamonds and Pearls and Writing From Life.
I’d visited BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester several times in my pre-Wales life so felt comfortable there. Andrew Easton was lovely and so easy to talk to, not that I ever have much of a problem talking.
We discussed both books, talked about Deal Or No Deal – he’s a big fan and couldn’t believe anyone could take the risk that I had (10p or £75,000 just in case there’s anyone out there who hasn’t heard. There can’t be.) Malvern Theatres also turned into a subject as I mentioned one of my many jobs was working in the box office there when Nureyev came to dance on his final tour.
The half hour raced by. I had a good time and am now a Friend of Radio H/W. I was even told I’d be asked back.
The only thing I missed was I had to do my own make-up. Clever make-up ladies did it for me when I was on Deal.
And it was nothing like the first radio studio I visited after winning their short story competition, back in the early 80s. A girl sat on the floor under the desk and, while the DJ tried to speak sensibly into his mic’, she plucked hairs out of his legs trying to make him squeal.


  1. I'm glad you had a good time, Lynne. My ideal job would be on radio. Libby Purves's Midweek would suit me nicely. She meets a wide variety of people, and remains invisible!

  2. Just listened to you on iplayer, Lynne - you were great and I imagined you sitting there in your red and green.
    Andrew Easton is right - you are an inspiration. THey should make you a regular on there :-)

  3. Like Teresa, I've just listened to you on the iPlayer. You sounded great, and so full of confidence. Nice one, Lynne. Next stop, The One Show!

  4. I bet you looked lovely in your red and green Lynn. Well done.