Thursday, April 28, 2011

Being creative

When I’m not writing I like to bake. I fill the freezer with large cakes and small ones, make pies and pasties and get all creative in the kitchen.
When I am writing we’d go hungry if the LSO hadn’t learned to cook years ago.
Sometimes I buy ingredients for a recipe and then never get around to making it because I start writing. So what do you do with an old celeriac and a bunch of wilted chives? You make a little friend!


  1. Creative as ever Lynne! I don't like cooking or baking and when I'm not writing I love to read. Trouble is reading takes over and then nothing gets done. A lovely writing friend told me she looks on reading as research. In that case I should be the most researched up, creative person ever! x

  2. Aw he's cute - what's his name? Or have you eaten him?

  3. hello lynne, six am in the morning here... read ur post and got a big smile on my face - love your humour! :-)

  4. Your blog truly is versatile, Lynne - that's why I've passed on the Versatile Blog Award to you.
    I'd still like to know the name of your little friend :-)

  5. My little friend doesn't have a name but perhaps I'll run a competition to ask for suggestions, once my new book is out then I can offer a copy as a prize.

  6. Hi Lynne,
    I love your little celeriac friend. Bet he agrees with you on everything. I've just put your name on my versatile bloggers list. I see Teresa has as well, but that proves you have a versatile blog. I want to keep you on my list as your humour is infectious as your little friend will agree.