Friday, April 15, 2011

I was Millie T Wakefield!

‘Everything except poetry and pornography,’ I answered when asked on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester what sort of writing I did. That’s not always been strictly true. Last night I remembered when I was Millie T Wakefield producing ‘poetry’ for the local newspaper. Yes, it’s a strange name to pick but at the time I was a shop assistant in Wakefield’s and our opposition was Milletts (Millie T. Get it?) This was many moons ago when I would produce not poetry, more doggerell, for anyone who asked. And then for my husband who complained about his sandwiches being boring. The fillings remained the same but little notes were added, like this one – (you should know first that I have a severe allergy to eggs) This egg I boiled and mashed and spread With some sauce upon the bread. It won’t mean much to some, I know, But to me it means I love you so. When you bite into this sandwich thick, Remember the sight of it made me sick. Yes, it’s bad but these little bits were my first attempts at writing and I gave up ‘poetry’ quite early on. The LSO still has all his little verses. They are now over 30 years old.


  1. I appear to have the same problem as Teresa Ashby. My blog won't do paragraphs.

  2. What a brilliant name, Lynne! I think it's lovely that the LSO has kept all your verses.

    Mine is doing paragraphs again now but it was annoying when it wasn't.

  3. I can't do poetry. At all. Always wished I could.

  4. Yep, I'm the same as Kid in the front row - can't do poetry at all.

    brilliant name btw Lynne.

    warm wishes

  5. Hi Lynn,

    That story is so sweet. Even more sweet that he kept them.