Thursday, July 07, 2011

Smooth or ribbed?

‘Smooth or ribbed?’ groaned Sir Walter, hose around his ankles, as he reached into his doublet pocket for his trusty Durex.

Think I’ve gone mad? No. I’m just mad about a silly story in The Telegraph announcing that ‘Mills and Boon “cause marital breakdown”. Apparently romantic novels are a cause of marital breakdown, adulterous affairs, unwanted pregnancies, and are a danger to relationships and sexual health.
That is the verdict of an article in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, which said women struggle to distinguish between romantic fiction and real life. Poor us. Stupid women who can’t tell the difference between the ‘chiselled menfolk' of fiction and the bloke with the beer pot we’re actually married to. (Not the LSO I hasten to add, in case he reads this.)
Miss Quilliam, who is a sexual health professional says her profession ‘like condoms - for protection and for contraception - and they (romantic novels) don't.’
To learn how dangerous romantic novels are to your sexual health and relationships click on the link below to read more extracts from Miss Quilliam's article which was published by the BMJ on behalf of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.


  1. Good grief! What will they come up with next?!

  2. So, we can't drink, smoke, or eat the things we would like to. Now we are being discouraged from the harmless pursuit of reading! Might as well take ourselves off to a nunnery for all the fun life would be if we followed her advice.

    And might I just offer one other comment. How many marraiges are actually kept together as a result of reading romance? It gives you a lift in life without having to break your marraige vows.

    I think Miss Quklliam is speaking out of her proverbial.

    What will they think of next?


  3. I suppose (if this is true) it must be the same people who hit Coronation Street villains over the head when they meet them in the supermarket. The blurring of the boundaries between fact and fiction is astonshing.

    But as a long-standing Relate counsellor, I think this is pure rubbish! What does cause marital breakdown is the leaving of naughty messages on mobile phones. I still wonder why philanderers don't wipe them as soon as they've read them.

  4. Frances - I always wondered that too, that and emails!

  5. When I read that this article had appeared in an 'academic' journal, I chuckled. I suspect Miss Quilliam takes her research very seriously indeed, and rightly so. Though I might add, that having worked in academia for many years, any sexual transgressions Mills and Boon have to offer, are likely to pale into insignificance. I can only put it down to excessive studying.

  6. It's not very different from the models who have a waist measuring zero that kids want to copy. We keep believing that what we read and see on the TV is real and perfect and our lives are lacking. We're quite a sad lot really, aren't we.