Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Holiday in Writers' Holiday

At the last moment, just before leaving home, I made the decision to leave my laptop behind and concentrate on the holiday part of Writers' Holiday at Caerleon. I wondered if I could go cold turkey and give writing a rest. So, for the first half of the week, with stomach churning and hands shaking, I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to the painting and drawing class.

The last time I had a paintbrush in my hand was when I was 14 so nerves were to be expected but once I'd got started I really enjoyed painting this scene.

Several men were asked if they'd like to see my etchings.

More on Caerleon tomorrow.


  1. Is that one of yours? It's stunning.

  2. You'll be needing to change the name of your blog to 'I Should Be Writing...and Painting"

  3. Good for you, Lynne! I think it's sometimes really good to get away from writing and do something completely different (otherwise what would we have ot write about?).

  4. You certainly are one talented lady, Lynne. I very much agree with what Frances said!

  5. Wow! As Sarah said that is one stunning painting. So glad you got so much more than just writing out of your Writer's Holiday!