Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Quiz

Sunday night at Caerleon is Quiz Night. Helen Yendall and Christine Cherry set the quiz and ask the questions. They must devote a lot of time to this and always treat us to a good night. We split into teams of six. So why are there five of us here? That's because Simon Whaley took the photo. Our team's name was Whaley's Women and we came second.

From left to right. Irene Yates, author of over 300 educational books and regular short story writer for Woman's Weekly.

Elizabeth Moulder who writes stories for Woman's weekly and other magazines.

Me, who does a bit of everything (except poetry and porn), hence my course name for next year's Writers' Holiday - Butterfly Writing.

Paula Williams. Fast becoming the name to go with Teresa and Della when it comes to short stories and serials. Paula took this year's class on short story writing.

Angela Lanyon, playwright and author of a fantasy trilogy - The Swordsman's Reel.

What good company Simon had! You could have company like this too. Everyone mixes and everyone is friendly at Writers' Holiday. Think about booking for next year. Info will be on the website soon.


  1. Hello Lynne - What good company you were in!

  2. I only have the best ladies on my quiz team :-)

  3. What inspirational company one obviously gets on a Writer's Holiday. One day maybe . . .!?

  4. Hi Lynne. Long time no speak. Great to put faces to names.