Monday, August 29, 2011

Ready to fight

I've recently been sent some old photos of my family and this is one I'd not seen before so it was very welcome.
My grandfather, Dennis Crump, is on the left. He was a Bantam, a soldier under 5 feet 2 inches. His best friend, Tom Young, is with him. This was WWI.
When Uncle Tom was around 95 and went into hospital he was asked if he'd ever been in before. There were no notes for him. I suppose this must have been in the early 1990s. He said he had, back in WWI when he'd been gassed.
One day, during the war, Tom was in France when he saw a little soldier. He asked if he was a Bantam and was told yes. So he asked after his best friend and was told the camp wasn't far away where he'd find him. Tom borrowed a bicycle and pedalled out there only to discover that Dennis had been sent home wounded.
As I grow older family photos mean so much more.


  1. A treasure of a photograph, Lynne. My own grandfather was admitted to hospital, aged 87. When asked who his GP was, my grandmother answered, "He doesn't have one. He's never visited a doctor in his life." A different breed, and that's a fact.

  2. Photographs mean so much. I got my first camera when I was a little girl and have albums with black and white photos. I then have albums from when my first daughter was born to now. They are my diaries on life! As I get older I can't pinpoint things like I used to be able to. My albums Can! They are so precious xx

  3. That's so interesting. I have loads of photos of my grandfather's from WWII and I love using them for research and inspiration.

  4. Thanks for the post - made me realise how much times have changed and how important it is to keep those stories/memories alive.

  5. I'm just going through family photos myself now. The important point is that you record these stories for future generations - and put as much detail on the back of the photo too. We have many old WW1 family photos now with 'unknown' written on the back of them!

  6. We don't have photos but we do have a backpack and camping canvas brought back from WW1 - no idea whose it was, but it is very humbling to think someone had to keep all the necessities of life in that bag. It would barely hold a modern person's toiletries and laptop