Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A gift from the LSO

It's perfect, isn't it? Perfect for me and for most writers.

And it's even more perfect when the LSO fills it with tea and deposits it on my desk without uttering a word and interrupting my flow of words. (I always pretend to be busy when he comes through the writing room door.)


  1. A perfectly inscribed gift for a writer.

    I've just finished my second of the day, Lynne. Now you've got me thinking about a top-up.

  2. I was intrigued by title of this post, because to me, the LSO has always been the London Symphony Orchestra, and I can see them all, violins/flutes/trombones etc tucked under their arms, trooping into your room to bring that cup of tea (or coffee?)...

  3. I forgot to explain LSO to those who don't already know. It's Long Suffering One. There was a recent feature of mine in The New Writer entitled Three Cheers for LSOs where I interviewed the 'other halves' of writers, the long suffering ones who bring them tea, remind them to eat, support them in all sorts of ways...