Saturday, September 17, 2011

Has anyone got...

a copy of Take A Break with my story in it? I've been checking the magazine every week but obviously missed it and didn't realise until my bank statement arrived. (Looked good!)
If anyone has a copy perhaps you could get in touch, please.


  1. Hi Lynne, unfortunately I am no use to you here but I did want to say CONGRATULATIONS. Good luck with your search. I'm sure someone will come through for you. x

  2. It's not in the latest Fiction Feast (I've just bought this for research purposes, never having written for them before). Lynne (or anyone!), would you mind telling me whether they accept subs by email? I can't find out anywhere.

    I hope you find your story, Lynne.

  3. It was in the weekly Take A Break at some time, Frances. And no, Take A Break and Fiction Feast do not accept email submissions. It's snail mail only.

  4. The weekly mag is supposed to pay shortly after acceptance, Lynne, unlike the Fiction Feast which pays after publication. So it might be that your story hasn't been in yet.

    (sorry about the anonymous - it wouldn't let me use my google account for some reason!)


  5. Thanks for that, Bernadette. I'll keep looking.

  6. I think it was in about two or three weeks ago Lynne. I haven't got a copy but can remember seeing your name in the mag. Hope that narrows it down a little?