Thursday, December 15, 2011

Transgender Winter

Sorry, dear author, but I couldn't resist that title for this post. You did give me permission to reveal your identity. Yes, Douglas McPherson has changed sex and written a pocket novel and here's the cover of the Ulverscroft version which is available to borrow from public libraries or can be purchased from Ulverscroft on 0116 236 4325.
Nashville Cinderella is the rags to riches story of Cindy Coin, an aspiring country singer waiting tables in Music City, Tennessee, and hoping her prince can get her to the ball at the Grand Ole Opry!
And knowing Douglas, Oops! Julia, it’ll be a mighty fine read.


  1. It's not so long ago that women used men's names in order to get published!

  2. That sounds a great read Lynn. Good luck to Julia.