Thursday, December 08, 2011

Wise words

When I was in my early teens my parents split up. When I was thirty I found my Dad again. My mother didn't like me seeing him and I'd get the third degree if she thought I had. Then I saw this letter in a women's magazine and copied it into the little book I keep all inspiring or thoughtful quotes in.
I don't know who wrote it. The letter was anonymous but, if you're out there, please know that your words helped me so much. Here they are-

You make us feel guilty, disloyal, emotionally torn and you cross examine us, even after we've been hurt so much. Who am I talking about?
The children of divorced parents. We are a product of when you were together and whatever your feelings towards each other now, please respect us enough to realise we still want you both.
Don't make us choose all the time - this isn't a threat to either of you. So please think next time you won't go somewhere because he/she will be there, or want to know every word he/she has said.
You've made your choice. Don't condemn us to a life torn between you both.


  1. That is brilliant, Lynne. I'm sorry about your bad expereince. In my Relate days I came across so many paarents who used their children as tools to get at each other. Cruel, thoughtless and totally unhelpful to all parties.

  2. I've noticed that parents who wouldn't dream of saying they have a favourite child seem quite happy to expect those same children to choose to love just one parent.